Setting the focus

Perceiving what is important and advising accordingly.

Every client has their own individual requirements. Our own service solutions are accordingly tailor-made. With our risk-management programs “SUDVERS Risk-Navigating” and “SUDVERS optimization program” we identify your requirements and develop the best range of services for hedging and financing.

Why are we able to do this? Because we not only have a high knowledge of the insurance markets but also do everything possible to understand your business. By doing this we can proactively and continuously offer you beneficial services and can systematically provide service throughout many years. A permanent designated contact person accompanies you within your national and international activities.

Big issues and small details

You have big plans and your strategists have a clear view of the entirety? Then we will not only check the three pages of contract documents, but also the sixty pages of exclusions so that you do not experience any rude awakenings. After all, your visions shouldn’t be shipwrecked purely because of minor reasons. We support your plans of expanding with fitting risk-management and numerous special offers so that you can rest assured and focus on achieving your goals.