Intensive trust

Because we perceive all risks and cover them.

International Insurance Broker, Risk-Manager and Financial-Service Provider

SUDVERS is the efficient and powerful International Insurance Broker, Risk-Manager and Financial-Service Provider that enjoys a high amount of trust as a family Business.

Our clients, often medium sized family businesses from a large variety of sectors, rely on our highly respected reputation. They place their trust in us regarding the protection of all the possible risks of their business and also their personal protection and that of their employees.

Due to our growing and long-standing client relationships we have evolved on a national and international level into a comprehensive specialist in the fields of Risk- and Insurance-Analyzation, Managing Risks, Credit- and Bonds-Management and corporate and private Provision.

Nowadays we are trusted by businesses of all different sizes and sectors regarding their insurable risks. These businesses range from small, family lead businesses, up to stock exchange noted billion-turnover companies with over 100 different entities.

Family business in the second Generation:

Due to our company structure we share many of the values of our clients, especially of those that are also family owned businesses. With our secured succession we stand for sustainability and reliability throughout generations.

Closely interconnected yet nevertheless Independent:

To become acquainted with the challenges businesses face, we are a member in all well-known Family Business Networks. Being independent from insurers, banks and investors we can provide you in a truly longstanding and independent manner.

An efficient company with competent business Partners.

SUEDVERS has experts for various needs and exactly the right ones for your Goals.

  • SÜDVERS GmbH Assekuranzmakler
  • SÜDVERS Risk-Management GmbH
  • SÜDVERS Kreditversicherungsmakler GmbH
  • SÜDVERS Vorsorge GmbH
  • FiMO Assekuranzmakler GmbH, Leipzig
  • SÜDVERS Holding Geschäftsführungs GmbH
  • SÜDVERS Service und Management GmbH
  • Worldwide Broker Network, San Mateo, USA
  • Profion GmbH, München
  • KOBAN SÜDVERS GMBH, Wien, Österreich