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We see ourselves as a manufactory for the client. That is why we identify your needs, construct a profile regarding your actual status and your target status and then individually negotiate your insurance policies.

You will always be provided with the best service offer available.

Whilst many occupy themselves with the idea of outsourcing, it is very important for us to consequently broaden our scope of services. As a client you can also make usage of our own services such as bonds/surety insurance, Directors and Officers insurance, Cargo/Transport advice, cyber security, global benefits consulting and captive solutions.

SUEDVERS – Services

Risk Management

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SUDVERS Optimization Program

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SUDVERS International and WBN

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Bonds Management

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D&O und Cyber

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IT competences

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Employee Benefits

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Credit Management

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  Risk-Management with a system

Only the people that know their own risks can deal with these in a sensible and responsible manner. For this purpose SUDVERS provides self-engineered software, with which every business can gain a quick and uncomplicated overview of their insurable and their non-insurable risks. We act out such an analyzation together with you and then take care of the insurable risks with great Detail.

By identifying and evaluating your risks in a structured manner you:

  • Gain the necessary transparency for a detailed Risk-Management.
  • Increase your planning security.
  • Lower your total cost of risk.
  • Traceably operate better on the given markets.

SUDVERS accompanies you during the whole process beginning with the initial analyzation of risks up to the stage of steering these risks and the organization of your Risk-Management System. The emphasis lies on the comprehensive analyzation, evaluation, factoring and controlling of the business wide risks – generally speaking on the optimal risk Transfer.

Your Advantages:

  • Implementation and mediation of Risk-Management services.
  • Transparency regarding too much and duplicate insurance and of coverage gaps.
  • Long-term reductions of costs.
  • Innovative insurance concepts for your Business.

  SUDVERS Optimization Program

With our SUDVERS Optimization program we help you to meet the necessary actions for the reductions and protection of your worldwide risks of business. These include:

  • Fire protection inspections.
  • Evaluation of your fixed assets.
  • Liability Management.
  • Fleet Management.
  • Advice regarding Transports and Logistics.
  • Cyber Risks

Our focus lies on the comprehensive analyzation of your insurance needs, which we define using your balance sheet positions. Such a detailed expert evaluation shows you any possible gaps in coverage, any unnecessary existing purchases and how to optimize your deductibles and maximum limits of compensation. If you are an internationally operating business then we use our WBN Network, which is represented in over 110 countries, for this analysis. With our own policy conditions and innovative insurance concepts, such as the SUDVERS Balance Sheet Protection” the all round protection for medium sized businesses, we offer you the protection you Need.

Your Advantages:

  • A maximum regarding flexibility.
  • Clarity and transparency.
  • Coverage of the highest quality.
  • Favorable prices and planning security.

  A network of international experts

In the course of globalisation, international insurance programmes are indispensable for companies nowadays. Each country has different rules, regulations, and laws. That’s why it’s important for all parties involved to share the same understanding of how a programme works. This is the only way that subsidiaries abroad can receive the same high-quality, service-focused support as is customary at SUDVERS in Germany.

That’s why we laid the foundation for internationally supporting our customers more than 30 years ago. With 16 locations in Germany and Austria, your international contact persons are also in your local area. Thanks to our active global claims management, we manage claims processing in a targeted manner and, if necessary, can exert an influence directly on site in the event of a claim.

Our Global Solutions:

  • Local expertise combined with global purchasing power
  • Professional local service by WBN partners wherever your exposure is located
  • Access to international insurance markets
  • WBN declaration of governance
  • Compliant insurance programs and insurance tax solutions
  • Transparent remuneration rules
  • High-end IT database WBNet guarantees immediate orientation for clients and brokers

Find out more about SUDVERS International and WBN:

SÜDVERS international                  

→ www.suedvers.de/international                   www.wbnglobal.com

  Active Surety Management

An exclusive team takes care of all form of sureties and bonds. It is always the target that we find the optimal form of surety product for our client. You profit from:

Market transparency and faster processing:

We negotiate with all carriers in your name, gain full transparency for you regarding your current sureties and give you an up to date overview of the insurance market. Furthermore you profit from shortened assessment periods connected to prompt decisions from by the surety supplier.

More room for maneuvering due to a higher solvency:

The improvement of your solvency stands in the foreground. By doing this we can relieve your Bank Credit Line and make you more independent and more capable of acting. By replacing or avoiding sureties you can gain further funds to focus on important investments. To fulfill your plans and ideas you need more financial flexibility, we broaden this flexibility. Use your resources for the important issues!

Incalculable risks: D&O and Cyber

More and more seven digit claims are made against managers with over 90 percent of these coming from their own company. Not only the Managing Directors, Executive Board and supervisory Board are in dire need of D&O insurance: Your business must be insured as well. That is the only way to protect your Balance Sheet in case of a large claim. Such a protection of commercial livelihood can also be offered with Cyber Insurance. Immediate and competent support is vital if the whole business is interrupted. The abundant scope of coverage of Cyber Insurance is a helpful problem solver for the management level. The reports about cyber attacks never cease and in the mean time entire “Hacker Markets” have emerged.

SUDVERS with longstanding experience:

SUDVERS has developed its own D&O policies which have been tested in practice. Pitfalls in the small print are not an issue with us. SUDVERS is also countering the evermore growing cyber-risks with carefully developed insurance solutions in which the quality of coverage has utmost importance. Our longstanding experience also has a further outcome:

SUDVERS solely works together with insurers that have proven themselves when it comes down to the highly sensitive issue of claims handling. This way we can ensure that unwanted surprises do not occur during the handling of a claim and that the claim-affected person’s back is kept free in a silent manner.

Our strengths:

  • Comprehensive coverage with insurance solution that have not been available so far.
  • A focus on quality of coverage. This has resulted in SUDVERS having its own D&O product that is by far the most competitive on the German market.
  • Our scope of coverage is unreachable regarding its scope. This applies to DAX companies and family held business.
  • Yearly developments and upgrades.
  • Tailor-made international programs for globally operating businesses together with our WBN Network partners.
  • Professional claims management and efficient, discreet and fair claims handling.

Information prepared for your needs

The SUDVERS IT-Tools give quick answers to the most important questions regarding your insurance issues. With these tools our clients have:

  • Up to date insurance overviews on a global basis.
  • The option of handling claims directly online.
  • The option of intelligently optimizing premiums.
  • A comprehensive option of analyzing claims histories, premium developments and premium allocations.

This way every client can exactly find the information he or she needs in an efficient and transparent manner, tailor-made and available at any time.

  Sustainable planning for entrepreneurs, managers and employees

Designing pensions pledges and managing pension commitments

Company pension’s commitments are of utmost importance to many people with a special stance within the company. Existing pension commitments often cripple businesses. The current situation is being intensified by the phase of low interest rates and can be directly seen within the balance sheets. SUDVERS helps you make these commitments controllable. We help you with every detail not matter the size.

Protection of assets throughout Generations:

During a change of generation the protection of the businesses’ existence is absolutely paramount. That is why we advise entrepreneurs in the provision of solvency at all times in case of decease. This secures the sustainable continued existence of your business and your private assets. This includes:

  • Settlement of inheritance tax.
  • Compensation of withdrawing inheritors.
  • Funding of deferred usufructs.
  • Financing of legal portion entitlements at any time.
  • Securing loans.

Provision of entrepreneurs and top-Managers:

Entrepreneurs often forget their own provisions and postpone this topic because the well-being of the business always holds the highest priority. When it comes down to provision, time is money and therefore a matter for the leading management heads. That is why we evaluate the needs of your star performers regarding old-age provision, occupational disability provision and survivor’s provision and compare these needs with the current provision status. The next steps then consist of our advice regarding the optimization of provision plans.

Motivating and binding employees:

Employees are your most important assets. One of the key success factors is protecting and binding these people to your company. We take care of this success factor by introducing optimized provision programs, explaining complex topics in an understandable way and taking care of the comprehensive implementation and continuous support. At the same time we help you to minimize your risks and budget with planning security. By using alternative remuneration methods your business can generate higher solvency effects that can be used to partially or fully finance further employee benefits. By doing this you will be well prepared for the “war for talents”.

  Tailor-made concepts for internationally operating German businesses

SUDVERS supports internationally operating German businesses with the equipment and financing of market-competitive and legally compliant Employee Benefit packages of their foreign entities. With the help of “International IQ” (a cloud solution) our clients have globally tested benefits and an overview of their costs and annual policy updates.

For Expats and their families we organize the necessary coverages including the consideration of legal regulations and furthermore we annually negotiate the premium rates.


  Securing and financing your receivables

The goal of every business is the best possible company rating seeing as important aspects of company financing are influenced by such a rating. In connection to this, the emphasis of our service lies in optimizing the following Areas:

  • An improved finance structure.
  • A reduction of your loss of receivables.
  • A shortening of your Day Sales Outstanding.
  • An optimized working capital.
  • Protection against cyber-crime.

Use the knowledge of our specialist for:

  • More security
  • More solvency

And a business growth connected to this.


  • Supplier rating and economic disclosures.
  • Supplier sector rating
  • Supplier country rating
  • Purchasing factoring.
  • Advance payment coverage.
  • Supplier bond.
  • Ratings & Bonus certificates.
  • MiLoG (German minimum wage law) risk coverage


  • Customer rating and economic disclosures
  • Payment experience pools
  • Customer sector rating
  • Customer country rating
  • Trade credit insurance
  • Insolvency contesting insurance
  • Credit Management Software
  • Credit Management Policy
  • Credit Management Certification
  • Bond and Security insurance
  • Securing foreign investments against political risks
  • Factoring / Forfaiting Debt Exchange
  • Collection and debt collection.

Alternative types of financing:

  • Factoring / Forfaiting
  • Leasing / Sale Back Lease
  • Warehouse Financing
  • Debt Exchange
  • Venture Capital

Fidelity Insurance and Computer Fraud Insurance.