Our Values


We are excellently educated experts for risk consulting and insurance consulting and have our own specialists for every field of practice. This is how we manage to make complex issues understandable and can guarantee our clients that we can fin a fitting solution for any questions regarding insurance.


We can do many things but not everything alone: With the WBN Network our clients always have a local partner there for them that has the necessary local knowledge and knows the regional specifics. With our concentrated international expertise we take care that your insurance policies are well aligned in a global perspective and also provide you with optimal global service in the case of an insurance claim.

Strong relationships

As a family lead business we maintain longstanding and trusted relationships that are based on empathy, straight-forwardness, trust and fairness. For that reason we dedicate our time and attention to not only our clients but to all stakeholders.


We remain faithful to our values and invest all of our efforts into taking care of the trust of our stakeholders in us. We have utmost loyalty to our clients seeing as we are their representative of interest. We are true to our words and this is something our clients can rely on.


As a family business we think and act consequently entrepreneurial. SUDVERS stands on solid financial ground, is independent and agile. Our decisions are farsighted and based on long-term perspectives. We ensure safety, retention and viable growth: This is how we secure the future.


We always have and open door regarding the needs and the concerns of our clients. Due to our regional offices and our international partners we are locally present, available around the clock and can work closely together. With our services we create added value and protect the business values of our clients.


We love details! We never give a recommendation without having precisely checked and understood the circumstances, only this way we can recognize issues that are not apparent. Our claim of high quality is mirrored by careful and knowledgeable advice that exceeds the average market standards.