Thoroughly satisfied

Place your values on the Details.

The subtle differences are what our clients appraise regarding the service of SUEDVERS. The product frames, the day-to-day dialogue, the transparency and working together must always fit the purpose. We are always there for you when needed providing service, knowledge and commitment.

A selection of services, which we use to we make your day-to-day work easier.

  • You can reach your Account Manager on a 24/7 basis.
  • At least once a year you will receive a detailed and digital report regarding the stance of your contracts/policies so that we can compare these with your goals and plans and discuss further opportunities for our cooperation.
  • We work for you on a global basis and are on site locally with you because we know that especially regarding global claims handling, absolutely every minute counts. With our WBN Network partners we provide you with an expert in every country to service your local needs. Furthermore your exclusive Account Manager also accompanies you in all international activities as a contact person.
  • For the maximum amount of transparency at any time and any place our clients use our modern platform WBNET 3.0, the platform that holds all the needed documents and data regarding your policies, claims and contacts.
  • Praxis-orientated IT-Tools such as Business Warehouse, Risk-Navigator, WBNet or the iBox facilitate your daily routine, simplify your transboundary cooperation with SUEDVERS and help you facilitate the administration of complex processes.
  • In seminars, recitals and especially tailor-made work shops for you, the so called SUEVERS Events, you will get to know everything that can bring forward your business in the market.