30 years of SUEDVERS and WBN

Globalization and international programs are without alternative for globally operating corporations. Due to different legal, economical and cultural environments, all participants must have the same understanding how global insurance programs work. To meet these requirements, Manfred Karle and several other insurance brokers founded Worldwide Broker Network in 1989. Starting with eight partners, WBN has grown over 30 years to become the largest network of independent insurance brokers within more than 100 countries worldwide. The high level of international commitment is one of many reasons why so many customers put their trust in us.

Being a co-founder of the network, SUEDVERS takes great efforts to keep it this way – with the intense involvement of owners and their international specialists alike. We are proud to be part of this strong international alliance and believe in further great achievements of its trustworthy cross-border collaboration. We are looking very forward to celebrating WBN´s 30th anniversary with all members at our WBN Global Conference, September 18-21, 2019 in Madrid!