WBN Conference in Hamburg with record number of attendees

On Jan 28 and 29, 2018 European WBN members met at Grand Elysée Hotel in Hamburg for their 2018 annual conference, hosted by the German member Suedvers.
A record-high number of 133 attendees from 28 nations took the chance to meet new colleagues and refresh long-standing business relationships and friendships. But also delegates from USA, Australia and Morocco enjoyed the vibrant city of Hamburg and the unique conference atmosphere.
After Board and Committee Meetings in the afternoon and the AIG Round Table on Cyber and Technology, Sunday night WBN Speaker Series presented Kilian Kleinschmidt, who was an employee of UNHCR ran the world’s biggest refugee camp in Jordan for a number of years – “People on the Move”, this motto is still a challenge for many European countries these days.
The well balanced agenda started with internal European WBN issues, where attendees had the chance to bring up current issues from their countries or firms. WBN now being a BIPAR member, its representative focused on broker regulations in Europe, including the GDPR issue, that ran through many presentations like a common thread.
Zurich made an intriguing presentation on Cognitve Computing and its influence on Underwriting. Allianz presented new ways of global underwriting in Employee Benefits, as well as their solutions for international program business. Suedvers group’s Employee Benefits specialists of Profion looked at the differences of privacy laws in Europe and the United States, followed by a panel going deeper into it and showing ways how to properly handle this issue.
The conference round up by Florian Karle and Reinhard Riehl adjourned a memorable conference.